Wed, Nov 14, 2012
A serious security problem has been uncovered in Skype, which allows hackers to hijack accounts just by knowing users' email addresses.
Tue, Jan 17, 2012
SOPA and PIPA are two acts under consideration by Congress. Both would cripple the Internet as we know it.
Fri, Jan 6, 2012
Be wary, this trojan tries to cover its tracks so you may not even know you were robbed...
Wed, Jan 4, 2012
A pair of Indian researchers disclosed a new cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in WordPress 3.3 on Monday.

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Toner Design

is a Hendersonville web design company, also offering Asheville web design services. We have been in the business of web site design and hosting since 1997, very early in the Internet business. Located in the Hendersonville NC area and close to Asheville, North Carolina, our professional web site design services include offering professional business web site design, search engine optimization services, web site hosting, website development, Flash multimedia and graphics design services.

Why does your business need a website?

With the growth in broadband and more Americans online than every before, an Internet presence is no longer an option, it's a necessity for continued growth of a business. A customer who finds you on the Internet and purchases from your business can mean your website pays for itself. If you also provide a good online experience for a user with a well-designed website and good customer service, your business grows as a result.

Consider also that people often move from one area of the country to another... a change in jobs, relocating to be near family, and for many other reasons. The first place they look for realtors, neighborhood advice, school system ratings, and other useful information and businesses in the new locale is on the Internet. There is no question that an online presence has substantial influence on the success of a business in today's world.

If your business already has a website:

  • Is your website working for you?
    We don't mean is it working for you personally since we assume that you like the design and layout of your site. But if it isn't working for your website's users, you've spent a lot of money on something that's not going to help increase your business.
  • Is your website updated regularly?
    This is important to gain and maintain search engine rankings—search engines want to see an active website.
  • Are visitors able to find what they want on your website?
    You can tell this to some extent by the number of inquiries and the number of sales on your website, but your website's statistics are particularly important in tracking down possible problems with your website
  • Do you lose a lot of visitors without them ever contacting you?
    A lot of web design firms will promise you increased traffic, but that's not going to help you. Increased targeted traffic is what you are after if you want to make your website work for you.

In other words, does your website market your business and make it more visible, or merely make sure you have a website? Your website is a store for your products or services available to the world, not just your geographical locality.

How to choose a professional web designer

First and foremost, find a web designer (or web design firm) with whom you feel comfortable. You're going to spend a lot of time working with your designer, making sure you see eye-to-eye and get along well will make your web design experience far more pleasant and workable. Make sure they have experience—ask to see their website design portfolio, then ask for references and check them out. Make sure their style fits with your vision of what you want your site to be. Check that the sites they've done load quickly. Most visitors to a site will not wait for it to load more than a few seconds, and that's on a slow dial-up connection! And in 2010, Google added page load speed to its list of factors in determining page ranking. Read more....

LOST in website gibberish?

Are you hoping someone will finally explain what you need to know in terms you can understand?

We have been "translating" web design since 1997 and can explain how it all works in words you can understand. We know that most business owners are too busy running their business to spend time playing around with technical terms or sorting through the details of web design. We'll explain as much as you want to hear, so that you understand what your choices really are. We consider it a part of the job to educate our customers so that even if they choose to work with another firm, they have a much better understanding of websites and what they really need.

Web design and. . .

We can handle every portion of your corporate identity package, from digital (web) to hard copy (e.g., brochures and business cards), saving you time and effort in finding just the right company for each of these services. We do not actually print hard copy, but we have vendors who are reasonable in cost for these services. Our services include:

For Your Convenience

Pat is the consummate professional. She is highly intelligible, has a great working knowledge of codes, website imaging and marketing and execution thereof. Plus she is personable and extremely proactive in explaining her process and to serving her clients. Simply put, I wouldn\'t trust anyone else to manage and execute my website and hosting services.
— Jon Dowling,