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website maintenance

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance includes revising, editing, adding new images, adding new functionality, or any of the many other changes to a website's original design in order to keep your website up-to-date and growing. The periodic addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services.

My website is done, I don't need maintenance...

A website can never remain static, it must continually evolve if it is to keep its search engine ranking and continue to grow your business. The beauty of having a website is that the latest information can be online and ready for your customers to view at any time. If you never make any changes to your site, over time it will stop attracting visitors. This is now much easier to do than ever before with a Content Management System.

The main purpose of a website is to help market your business... would you stop advertising altogether and expect your business to grow? Of course not. Just like any other part of your marketing plan, your website must be updated from time to time and change as your business changes and grows. To this end, we now create most new sites in Content Management Systems (CMS) so that the site owner or someone he designates can handle most of the site's updates.

I want to save money maintaining my own website...

With the advent of CMS's you can now do web maintenance for your site without having a lot of technical knowledge.  For general updates to older sites or any site that does not have a CMS in place we also recommend using Adobe's Contribute, which can be used for changing text here and there and adding images as needed. We can design your site with this software in mind so that you can do this effectively, but for redesigned or new sites, putting a CMS in place makes more sense. When it comes to larger changes it is sometimes more cost-effective to have us help you—we will get it done faster, correctly, and you will be set to go very quickly. Call us for an estimate at 828-891-2563.

Why should I have Toner Design take care of maintenance? We free you up to do what you do best—running your business. If you don't deal with word-processing software very well, or you're so busy that adding one more task would be impossible to wedge in, then using our services can make a lot of sense.

Your web maintenance is done in a timely manner by a professional designer who does this kind of work every day. You can be assured that the changes are done correctly. If we do make any errors, we will correct those errors at no additional cost to you.

We can also help you review your site for search engine promotion strategies and submission to search engines as part of your maintenance to ensure both long-and short-term success of your Internet business.

Do you have maintenance packages?

We offer several levels of maintenance packages. If you plan on regular updates to your site on a monthly basis, it makes sense to utilize these packages as they can discount our normal hourly rate substantially. Basically, you purchase a set number of hours, pre-paid, and use those hours as you see fit for maintenance of your site.

Using our maintenance packages, you can redesign web pages; add, delete or edit graphics on the web pages; add new pages and/or new programming, and more. The only restriction is the number of hours you have purchased, but when you have used up the hours that you purchased you can easily purchase more hours at discounted rates as needed. These hours never expire, so you can feel comfortable purchasing them knowing that they will be there to use when you need them. Hours are calculated in 6-minute intervals, meaning that your minimum payment is for 6 minutes of service. Any unused hours in a package are non-refundable.

If you prefer to pay-as-you-go and be billed later, our normal hourly rates will apply with a quarter hour (15 minute) minimum billed for each request.

Please note: Although we make every effort to make your changes accurately, it is the client's responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes and corrections that need to be made. We do not charge for correction of designer error. However, if a change needs to be made due to client error, normal fees apply (maintenace packages rates if that's what you have purchased). We prefer that updates be provided in electronic form; any retyping or scanning we must do will be billed as part of the update.

Call us at 828-891-2563 to find out more about website maintenance!